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Contests And Activities
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Ready for the fun? Okay lets start the contests & Activities! You dont need a membership or anything for this. Just send your email, and then write your NAME. Then write a fake last name. Thanks


Give the answers at!!


Each week we change the games around! NO CHEATING! Once you got the answer, email it to me! Make sure the subject name is what the game is called!


fo curose oyu acn lpya htsi aemg!

Hint: Of

Writing Contest

Write a 50 word essay on what you like and dont like about Beyonce!(Celebirty Destiny's Child)

Mini Quiz

This week, its on Hilary Duff!

1. Where was she born?

2. Whats her sisters name?

3. Name a movie she starred in.

What band is this?

Has 5 people, Punky boys, one of em named Jeff Stinco, and one of their songs is called "Welcome to my life" Who are they?

Hint: Pretty simple..


Riddle: I have a body, but never walk. I have a mouth, but dont ever talk! What am i?

Joke: Who built the first underground tunnel?

Whats this mean?

Word: Perished

Funny Story

Who can make the best funny story? We got words! Go to this link:


Can you spell Missisippi? If you can spell it with only 2 letters, your a good speller.

Administrator And Moderator Contest!

Yep. its a new contest for a chance for YOU to be an 2nd adminstrator, or a moderator for FORUMS! We need at leats 25 moddies and only 1 admin. Go to this link

Best Website

Have you got a website you've created? Want to show off it? Well send me it at and we'll see who has the BEST website!

Best do it yourself:

Did you draw a picture? Did you make some graphics and stufF? Wanna show it off? Send it to me and ill post it here. Then we get to pick winners!

Champion of the month

Whats Champion of the month? Its whoever won the most of the month, or perticipated in most of them this month. So who is it?

The champion of the month is ____________________

Congradulations ______________!

Thanks to all the rest for trying! To get the next champion of the month, keep on playing!

Got idea's for Contests and Activities? Email me at with the subject "Idea for Contests&Activites"