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Have you guys ever thought of making your own site? First of all, I got most infromation from OTHER sites. Like anyway... First of all, find a free hosting site. Or if you want to pay for more tools, find paying. For free hosting, you can pick from (Highly recommended!),, (Recommended!),, or just look for more at!

Have you got a site? If you do, copy the code and paste it on your site! Thanx


NOT ALLOWED TO GIVE AWAY TO OTHERS ON YOUR SITE! NO ACCEPTIONS! Please email me at for codeing. PLEASE send text with them. Ty for katelyn who showed me how to put text on them.




Here are some wall paper I made. PLEASE DO NOT GIVE AWAY THESE FOR OTHERS ON YOUR SITE! You can put on your desktop and stuff! :D To use the wallpaper, just email me so i can send you the picture so you can put on your computer. I dont want to make it available now, because then people could steal the banners and stuff!

None yet.

I have made all kinds of fonts. Glowing ones are my favorite. So if you like them, email me at so you can get the code. Thanks.



My Blogs:
YOU ARE NOT ALOWWED TO GIVE AWAY THESE! No acceptions! Make your own! If you like these blogs, or any other of my graphics, email me for the code. If you want me to do the text foro you, tell me what you want to say unless you want to do the text yourself. Of course i need to know how to do that first... So here are my blogs! Email me at!
Hello Kitty Gang:
Hilary Duff Rocks Waves:
Inuyasha Rocks the house:  (I know, its kinda lame!)
More later!