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Want to go into the forums? Go to  FIRST of all PLEASE read the RULES! If you dont follow the rules, you will be BANNED permenetly, or for a few days. So follow them!

Start talking on Forums! A great time to get friends, and stuff!
Sorry to say this guys, but this forum i got from, is a little frenchy. Or spanish. I dont know.
Forum name: "Le forum" 
To make a topic :"noveau sujet"
To reply: "Repondre"
YAY! I contacted the administrator and now she's changed the forum name, new topic and reply! Yay! Thanks to her everythings changed! Okay now you guys can use it better

NO SWEARING! (Allowed for yourself, but NOT to others!)
NO MEAN THINGS! (To yourself, DO NOT say to others!)
If you see anyone doing this, PLEASE report to me at!

Chat Party's:
We dont know yet. If you want to host one, email at Thanx.
New forums?
If you see a Better FREE hosting service that does forums, Email me at and tell me what the hosting service is.
Im thinking of getting a new forums place besides Aceboard just in case. So ya...
Proboards: I think its Ok..
Aceboard: Kinda ok..

Visit the forums at